Nutrition and Diet

The food you eat can be your most powerful medicine.

Nutrition is an often overlooked factor in medicine, but it should not be. Many of us suffer poor or no absorption of necessary life sustaining nutrients due to gastrointestinal disease, dietary lifestyle choices, or reduced bodily function from aging.

Proper nutrition is an area that many of us fail in. There are factors that prevent us from accessing all the nutrients in the food we consume, sometimes the food we consume does not have a lot of nutrients to begin with and sometimes it is just age related. We counsel you on your diet and the nutrition that your body wants but is not receiving.

RestoreDOC’s nutrition program ensures your body is getting the nutrients it needs whatever your age, gastrointestinal status, or lifestyle. In some cases, it may be as simple as providing B12 injections. Other times proper care may require complete intravenous vitamin therapy to bring the body back to maximum nutritional balance. 


Exercise has a multitude of benefits, including stimulating your body’s own hormones to heal itself. Muscle mass diminishes as we age, but our bodies need good muscular strength to protect ourselves from injuries and stimulate metabolism.

Our trainers can design a personalized, sustainable exercise program to fit your lifestyle and restore energy and vitality.