What We're All About

RestoreDOC is a comprehensive state of the art medical facility for men and women who want to be their best at any age. Using a medically holistic approach. RestoreDOC offers state of the art hormonal optimization solutions complimented by an individually tailored diet and exercise program.

Functional Medicine Approach

Functional medicine seeks to treat the patient as a whole. Instead of just treating symptoms, we seek to find the underlying causes of a condition and treat the root of the problem. We take into account the patient’s physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors that may affect the patient’s health. By following this approach, the vast majority of our patients find they are less dependent on prescription medications as they restore their overall health and vitality.

Dr. Julio Olivieri, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Julio C. Olivieri practices Internal Medicine with a special Interest in Geriatric medicine. He has been treating complex medical issues for over 30 years.

Throughout his practice, he has treated most adult illnesses including hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. He also performed inpatient hospital care in several Mesquite facilities such as Mesquite community hospital and Dallas Regional Medical Center. Dr. Olivieri also has an interest in palliative care and provides services for multiple hospice agencies. He brings his years of experience to RestoreDOC to help patients live healthy and productive lives.